Chronology of Meeting Locations

1919  Citizens Club, University Bldg.

1919-1930  Onondaga County Historical Society, Montgomery St.

1930-1936  Onondaga Hotel, S. Warren & E. Jefferson Sts.

1936-1938  Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, Syracuse Sq.

1938-1942  Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts, James & N. State Sts.

1943-1947  YMCA, Montgomery St.
                   An increase in membership made it necessary to find a
                   larger meeting room.

1947-1949  Yates Hotel, Washington and Montgomery streets
                    Hear 50-year club member Glen Woodford describe the benefits
                   of  meeting at the Yates Hotel. [mp3, 30 secs]

1949-1961  YWCA, Montgomery St. and the Syracuse Oddfellows Hall.

1961-1963  Niagara Mohawk Building, Erie Blvd. W. 
                    Hear Glen Woodford relate how the club was forced to move from
                   the NiMo building due to mass picketing during a strike. [mp3, 26 secs]

1963-1966  YWCA, Montgomery St.

1966-1967  Erie Canal Museum, Erie Blvd. E.  – Due to poor lighting and generally
                   unsatisfactory meeting conditions, attendance dropped off precipitously.

1968-1986  Merchants Bank, S. Warren & E. Fayette Sts.
                    Glen Woodford remembers the Merchants Bank as “the best place we ever
                   had to meet.” [mp3, 16 secs]

1986-Now   Reformed Church of Syracuse, 1228 Teall Ave.
                   Many inactive members, discouraged from attending meetings in the Merchants
                   Bank by a shortage of parking, began coming back.